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Puppet Gingo with educational and fun activities for encouraging oral-motor skills. Take a card, look closely to see what Gingo is doing on it and start your mouth workout!

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Children need models rather than critics.

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  • LET’S CHAT! Gingo Puppet and Cards for oral-motor skills

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    Gingo likes to chat, but in order to do that, he needs a very flexible tongue and skillful speech organs. He learns how to lick like a cat, blow up cheeks like a frog, imitate hissing of a snake, and make sounds like a car with his lips. The puppet will help you perform the exercises, that are shown on the picture cards. You can open its mouth and move its tongue in all directions, which encourages the child to start repeating after the puppet.


    • size: 52 cm,
    • mouth with teeth and tongue,
    • great for encouraging and developing oral-motor skills, manual skills, imagination, for learning the articulation of individual sounds, for speech and language development,
    • insert your hand into the puppet's head from the back to control the movement of its mouth and tongue,
    • adjust the position of your hand and fingers according to the movements you would like to perform.


    • 17 cards with educational and fun activities for encouraging oral-motor skills,
    • size: 17.5 cm × 10.5 cm,
    • easier learning of the articulation of individual sounds,
    • front of the card: picture of the exercise,
    • backside of the card: accurate description of the individual exercise,
    • an additional card with a general description.
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