• On the first anniversary of the GingoTalk, Petra and Meta share with you a personal confession of how they found themselves where they are now. They are dedicated with all their heart and soul to creating and passing on knowledge in the field of speech therapy. They say it is slowly getting far, which is […]
  • Children’s toys such as babies, dolls and puppets are great accessories to encourage and expand children’s play. With animation and play through a hand puppet that has a movable mouth with a tongue, children can become even more intensely involved in play and conversation. We present five language concepts and ideas- how to help a […]
  • Puppets are excellent therapeutic and didactic tools that can also be used in speech therapy when working with children. There are several reasons for using a puppet during the communication and language development in children. 1. It’s easier to establish contact with a child A child’s first contact with a speech therapist may be difficult […]