About us

After years of thinking and tossing ideas around, they created Gingo – a chatty mascot that appears not only on picture cards, but also in the form of a fun, tongue-moving puppet and helps children learn how to communicate.

When the Gingo finds itself in the right hands of a playful expert or parent, it immediately relaxes the child and encourages him to develop the articulation of sounds, strengthen the articulators and with that helps develop language and imagination.

Petra Kavšek Vrhovec

M.Sc. prof. speech therapist – surdopedagog

Speech therapist Petra began her career at an institution, where she worked with children with the most severe communication disorders. She is currently working as a speech therapist in a health center and runs a private speech therapist office in Ivančna Gorica.

She also likes to raise awareness of speech and language problems. Therefore, she organizes lectures for parents, educators, teachers and other professionals and creates popular contributions to online and print media. She is interested in the development of new educational and therapeutic didactic methods, games and tools.

Meta Dolinar

Meta Dolinar

prof. special and rehabilitation pedagogics, speech therapist

A speech therapist who works in a speech therapist department of a health center, where she deals with the diagnostics and therapy of children with speech and language problems.

Prevention is key, so she educates and leads lectures for educators and other professionals on the topic of speech, language and communication. She is also the author of numerous articles and contributions and is actively developing didactic material to promote speech and language development, both for children in typical development and those with speech and language difficulties.

The reason behind the idea of developing picture cards for speech learning is a 3-year old boy, who had speech apraxia and therefore could not speak. We decided to create a didactic material – picture cards -, that would enable him and other children in gradual learning of sounds, syllables and also simple words and sentences.

With a lot of new ideas, enthusiasm and passion for work we develop new didactic material, that will give children the possibility to learn speech and language skills with their main character, Gingo.